Shanghai Day 3 – Some Ads

Here are some ads for some brands that are sold internationally. I just thought it was interesting to see who was advertising and what the brands that were being developed around the world. There were lots more ads, but I just selected a few that caught my attention.

chinese fuxing flooring




I saw several very nice carpet tile manufacturers. I think they could be competitive in the future for the dominat US carpet industry. There are underlying differences between the products currently, but the differences continue to diminish. (Many US companies like Interface and Shaw have focused on cradle to cradle usages which may be a long term strategic advantage.)

quick step flooring




Quickstep flooring, owned by Mohawk Industries had a nice booth here in China. There are are the HIGH end of the domestic Chinese market.

chinese flooring ad1.





This is some great marketing information. I have no idea what it means, but I believe it or not it was at a flooring booth. Classic marketing.

chinese flooring ad2





From the same collection as the prior photo, more touching marketing stories about Grandpa & grandma. I also enjoy the “Dirty” feature of this flooring and the fact that they highlight that Grandpa is now gone, but the flooring is still there. Yikes!

Da Heng flooring




Daheng Timber had some very nice flooring looks which I will show some photos online tomorrow. They had a nice brochure.

Shanghai bamboo




Shanghai Yunsheng bamboo had aot of the prior innovations that I showed in those bamboo pictures from Yesterday.

Shanghai Day 3

I am going to leave a few more photos online here.

china floor welcome




Entry sign. Normal questionable translation. “Welcome to Visit”

hut lv flooring




The large pavillion was well prepared for massive traffic that the show brought. There was actually another show running at the same time in a smaller part of the exhibition area. Lots of people.

Shanghai flooring center




The Shanghai New International Expo Centre – Big complex with lots of space.

Shanghai Day 2

I am behind on posting, my schedule is tight here.

But in my quest to post some photos from the show continues. Below I have pasted some interesting looks that are being produced by a very innovative supplier. They are smart to try and make a different market approach.

bamboo flooring




This first photo shows some very interesting patterns created in bamboo to give the flooring a unique look.

bamboo flooring2




In this photo the patterns have continued plus one style with a modulated surface – which is a bit too much for me, but maybe some folks will like it.

bamboo flooring3




These are end grain bamboo patterns which provides a highly active look and again is very unique.

bamboo flooring4




These are some of the most interesting looks to me. The 3 panels on the left of the photo are very interesting when you see a floor down. In a large area it appears much more random. The strip look on the right side is ok, but probably too vertically emphasized for most people.

bamboo flooring5




Basic wide plank bamboo, nothing crazy. Basics still have a place.

bamboo flooring6




Some more woven (strand) bamboo with also some “tiger bamboo” which is the strand with a mixture of carbonized and natural bamboo fibers.

Domotex Shanghai Day 1

Whew, my feet hurt.

I saw many many companies today. Some folks we have dealt with for years and years and I even met some new companies today.

I also some some interesting things in the bamboo category which should find their way to the US in the future.

For now I will upload some photos since I have more meetings to goto and I am going to be late! Some interesting things to see for sure!

china floor welcome2




This first photo is of a welcome area where they guys were running around with the golden dragon. It was neat.

chinese flooring manufacturing




In Hall 3 they have basically full manufacturing lines set up. It is loud, but very interesting to see in an exhibition that they have finishing, milling and other very loud processes running.

chinese floor fern




I don’t know why I took this. Maybe I liked the fake fern?

chinese flooring warning




I don’t know who these guys ticked off, but this sign was amazing to see by the entrance to the booth. Clearly not well liked here in China.

Landed in Shanghai

Well I landed in Shanghai about 10 hours ago, got a quick nap and now it’s almost time to goto work.

I am here attending the Domotex China show to meet with flooring professionals from around the world. This flooring show is in the Shanghai area and I will snap some photos from time to time to keep you in the loop.

Here are a couple photos from my other trips to Shanghai. (plus a blurry one from 6:00am on Wednesday the 28th).