Shanghai Day 2

I am behind on posting, my schedule is tight here.

But in my quest to post some photos from the show continues. Below I have pasted some interesting looks that are being produced by a very innovative supplier. They are smart to try and make a different market approach.

bamboo flooring




This first photo shows some very interesting patterns created in bamboo to give the flooring a unique look.

bamboo flooring2




In this photo the patterns have continued plus one style with a modulated surface – which is a bit too much for me, but maybe some folks will like it.

bamboo flooring3




These are end grain bamboo patterns which provides a highly active look and again is very unique.

bamboo flooring4




These are some of the most interesting looks to me. The 3 panels on the left of the photo are very interesting when you see a floor down. In a large area it appears much more random. The strip look on the right side is ok, but probably too vertically emphasized for most people.

bamboo flooring5




Basic wide plank bamboo, nothing crazy. Basics still have a place.

bamboo flooring6




Some more woven (strand) bamboo with also some “tiger bamboo” which is the strand with a mixture of carbonized and natural bamboo fibers.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Day 2”

  1. I live in MN. I was strongly considering a bamboo island cabinet as well as bamboo flooring in my kitchen, but was told by an ASID designer today that bamboo is ‘on its way out’. What say you?

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