Shanghai Day 3 – Some Ads

Here are some ads for some brands that are sold internationally. I just thought it was interesting to see who was advertising and what the brands that were being developed around the world. There were lots more ads, but I just selected a few that caught my attention.

chinese fuxing flooring




I saw several very nice carpet tile manufacturers. I think they could be competitive in the future for the dominat US carpet industry. There are underlying differences between the products currently, but the differences continue to diminish. (Many US companies like Interface and Shaw have focused on cradle to cradle usages which may be a long term strategic advantage.)

quick step flooring




Quickstep flooring, owned by Mohawk Industries had a nice booth here in China. There are are the HIGH end of the domestic Chinese market.

chinese flooring ad1.





This is some great marketing information. I have no idea what it means, but I believe it or not it was at a flooring booth. Classic marketing.

chinese flooring ad2





From the same collection as the prior photo, more touching marketing stories about Grandpa & grandma. I also enjoy the “Dirty” feature of this flooring and the fact that they highlight that Grandpa is now gone, but the flooring is still there. Yikes!

Da Heng flooring




Daheng Timber had some very nice flooring looks which I will show some photos online tomorrow. They had a nice brochure.

Shanghai bamboo




Shanghai Yunsheng bamboo had aot of the prior innovations that I showed in those bamboo pictures from Yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Shanghai Day 3 – Some Ads”

  1. HI Steve,
    We recently purchased about 800 square feet of the Red Oak
    Philharmonker flooring. The manager of I floor in Tukwila Washington
    told us it was indestructible . He said it would be a great choice for
    the kitchen as well. He also asked if we had a dog and I said yes and
    he then said I would not have to worry about the dog scratching the
    floor and that it was again indestructible and an excellent product.
    We have had our kitchen floor down for a week and we have had damage
    to the floor from the following: We moved our appliance back in. The
    refrigerator was on wheels. We put down layers of cardboard to protect
    the floor. We noted big long dents in the floor from the refrigerator
    being moved into place. My husband moved it out and completely replaced
    the damaged pieces. The electrician dropped a tape measure on the
    floor and it left big dents, The dogs nails have apparently scratched
    the floor deeply in several places. I am guessing there are at least 50
    scratch marks and they are deep into the wood!!!! I also had a pottery
    dish fall on the floor and it left a dent and hole through the wood.
    How can this be with a floor that was marketed to us as
    indestructible? My husband tried to contact the manger and he has not
    returned my husband’s calls or email.
    Please advise. There is suppose to be a 25 year warranty on this floor.
    We still have the dining room, living room and stairway to do and are
    now are very worried that the quality of this floor is so bad that we
    would be a making a mistake installing it in the rest of the house.
    Initially we were going to buy the Kahrs floor or the Sun Paratech
    Floor and we were told that this floor far surpassed anything that
    Kahrs had.
    I look forward to hearing from you and your opinion of the situation.
    Thank you.
    Karen Anderson

  2. Hi Karen,

    I would certainly contact the Tukwila store to make sure we help answer any questions you may have.

    Philharmoniker is a terrific floor, but it is still made of oak (just like kahrs or sun paratech) and all of the things you described that are impacting the flooring would impact ANY oak.

    Any time moving a refrigerator we would suggest using 1/4″ plywood or luan to prevent denting – cardboard is not enough.

    ALL oak floors will dent under that kind of concentrated pressure. The good news is the philaharmoniker is so flexible on installation that the repair was much easier than on comparable offerings. Unclick and reclick and your done.

    I certainly think it is a tough floor that compares favorably to many of our other choices including Kahrs, Bruce, Sun Paratech, Woodstock, Tarkett and others – but I would not use the word indestructible for any flooring.

    Philharmoniker has the advantage of having a lower price at the moment than some of the competition and is easier to install than the longer lengths. I am actually quite upbeat on the product overall – but I do want to have proper expectations:

    1. Any natural oak will dent under a refrigerator’s wheel pressure.

    2. Any wood floor can suffer scratches from dogs. (the initial scratches always feel the worst, but I assure you that over time they are harder to notice as the floor becomes part of the home.)

    3. tape measures, heavy china plates, cans of soup or anything that exerts heavy pressure in a small concentrated area will dent oak or other species. (check out my email about high heels:

    I talked with Jeff the manager and he is trying to touch base with you guys.

    Philharmoniker is a tremendous floor made in Austria using PRECISION engineering and sold at an incredible price point! However, I do apologize if your expectations were not properly set.

    When you do the rest of the home please be aware that all of the topics I discussed apply to ANY hardwood flooring made by ANY brand. Warranties are typically centered around the finish wearing through in traffic areas which is highly unlikely to happen. I can be very much unbiased here because we sell all major brands of flooring so we typically try to match your needs with the best flooring option.

    We value you as a customer and seek to share in your success!

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