Speculation about iFLOOR.com going public.

Interesting mention in a recent Seattle newspaper from a very prominent VC in the area. Olympic Venture Partners (OVP) is a very well known firm in the NW area. Anyway Lucinda Stewart mentioned a number of possible IPOs in the state of Washington potentially in 2007 and we were mentioned. Although I won’t comment on that topic specifically, I am intrigued by the awareness. Especially because I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Stewart. (although she serves on the board of directors for a company that is run by a trusted acquaintance and he says she is brilliant!) I agree with him. 😉

VC COMMENTS (scroll to bottom of article.)


Gas prices are killing me

Fuel is just off the charts expensive. I am hopeful that it will come down soon, but it is annoying and therefore we keep removing brands, items and products from our free shipping offer. That reduction will continue.

I found a cool map that shows the gas prices as a national map of the US – as a temperature type map color coded by price. Check it out. Gas Buddy

Domotex Asia China Floor

Interesting side note regarding my recent trip to China, I was meeting with a supplier at the show and noticed someone stop by take our picture and keep walking on. I forgot about it until I got an email last week directing me to this page: DOMOTEX CHINA FLOORS SITE

The picture on the right is a snapshot of myself and one of our favorite suppliers talking business on the homepage of the show. Anyway. Just a sidenote.


There is a growing shortage of laminate in the US related to an ITC ruling which blocks all imports from any country that are not licensed by unilin or valinge.

This is causing the base price of the builder basic to go up in price – although more than just the license fee.

Overall I just want what is best for consumers and I want to be able to deliver products at a competitive price – so I think this is a limited set back and will long term only result in 2-3% price addition that is paid to unilin as their patent royalty. Short term it is causing 20-30% on the low end for products to jump because people are worried about importing from China, Canada and Europe.

Floor Covering Weekly

More Information

Unilin’s Site with Folks Paying

Subfloor Preparation

The topic of subfloor preparation is a common one when you think about a new flooring project. My quick tip on this is to make sure that you follow the guidelines that are appropriate for the flooring you plan to install. Carpet (depending if it is glue down or stretch in) requires less prep than some other floors and floating floors may require less than a glue down vinyl or ceramic tile. All of those levels of subfloor preparation will vary based on the flooring that you are putting in and the current subfloor conditions.

I will discuss this in deeper detail in the future, but I just wanted to reiterate that this is a key aspect of a successful flooring project.

That’s my TIP O’ THE DAY.

Bay Area Trip

Well I am off to check out some locations in the bay area of California. We are planning on putting a bunch of locations in this region to better serve our customers. It is clear that somewhere between 18-25 locations can fit in the great bay region, so we have to move fast to capture that opportunity. We already have a strong nucleaus of talent in the region to build around.

Based on our mapping and tracking we have literally tens of thousands of shoppers and customers in this region already that we serve online and via our current local stores so now we are adding additional investments to better serve the area.

So I will post anything interesting during my travels, but it may be a bit quiet over the next couple days.