Alloc vs Quick Step

Q: I am in the market for a high quality laminate – I will be laying the laminate in throughout my home, including the kitchen, excluding the bathrooms – as of now, I am looking at going with either Alloc or Quick Step – my main concern is the kitchen – would you please recommend a quality choice that will hold up to a kitchen environment, primarily, occasional spills
Chauncey H.

A: My first suggestion before we get to some analysis of the floors themselves is to make sure you use a good underlayment. Since you mentioned you will be flooring your kitchen, I would suggest looking into 6mm cork. The biggest benefit of cork will be the comfort it will provide under your feet. Also, cork is naturally hypoallergenic and water resistant, so you won’t have much worry of something happening underneath your floor.
As far as flooring is concerned, Alloc and Quick Step make great products and regardless of which you decide to go with, you should have a great floor. I will warn you that the “best” floor is a matter mostly of opinion, so lets do our best to stick to facts and testing.
We’ll start with Alloc. Alloc was a big mover and shaker in the laminate industry a few years ago, but now they have become just a manufacturer of laminate and no longer an innovator. Alloc’s best collection is the Original Collection, which scores very well in testing as Steve mentions in his article Brand Wars II: A Laminate Showdown. Alloc’s big claim to fame is the metal portion of their locking system. The claim is that the metal lock allows for a stronger hold, but from the experience of most of the folks here at iFLOOR, it makes little difference when compared to the other high quality laminates who do not use metal locking mechanisms.
Quick Step was the first to make the locking mechanisms used on todays laminate and they still remain the best. Quick Step has several great collections which perform equally or better than Alloc’s Original in lab testing. The Perspective and Eligna (formerly Uniclic Long Plank) are two of the best laminates of the market.
Between the two Quick Step tends to give the much better bang for your buck as the Perspective which is on average $0.20 per square foot cheaper than the Alloc Original while still providing better lab testing and feedback from customers and professionals.
In the end, make sure to find a floor you love. Both Alloc Original and Quick Step Perspective or Original are great floors, but keep in mind underlayment, installation and maintenance can mean the world in ensuring your floor lasts. My best advice here would be to take time during the installation, ensure your floor’s locking mechanisms are firmly engaged and maintain a good cleaning schedule. For your kitchen, make sure that you clean up any spills ASAP to ensure a long lifetime for your floor.

One thought on “Alloc vs Quick Step”

  1. I have just had to take up half my Quickstep laminate floor as a result of water damage from a leaking washing machine or connection joint, in an open plan kitchen/living room. The water gets into the unprotected joints and swells the MDF, There is no such thing as a laminate floor suitable for kitchens or bathrooms.

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