Which Way Do I Lay My Floor?

Q: How do I figure out which way to lay the flooring in the dining room.
Cathie & Dan

A: Typically wood floors are installed so that lengthwise they run parallel to the longest wall in the room. Now sometimes floors will be installed perpendicular to the longest wall based on one of a few reasons. The primary reason is usually how the home owner wants to the floor to look.
Wood flooring naturally will make rooms seem larger and in particularly long areas, like hallways flooring will occasionally be installed perpendicular to prevent the “bowling alley” look. Keep in mind, it is fairly rare for this to occur as it usually involves a lot of cuts and waste.
Another reason would be if you choose to install the floor at an angle or if you want the natural light coming into the room to move across the floor in a different orientation.
In the end, the easiest way to install a floor is to have it run lengthwise parallel with the longest wall.


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