Another Potential Wager

On the heels of that Green Bay packers story below I am surprised by my own action, but I made a challenge to the company last week; a wager if you will.

I said that when they meet or beat plan this month AND deliver our record day of all time this coming Friday the 29th of February I would shave my head.

Happily we have some additional commitments from other iFLOOR Support Center personnel. Theron, Dennis and Tad have agreed to either shave their head or get a orange Mohawk based on some similar criteria. And Bryan in marketing was shamed into shaving his head or getting a Mohawk if we don’t hit a certain level of sales.

Even with shaving my head I may lose my hair after offering for the first time ever a leap year financing offer of 48 months 0% financing for 1 day only. That in itself is crazy, but it shows we’ll do anything to take care of customers! Leap year only comes around once every 4 years and this offer has NEVER been done before at iFLOOR!

There has never been a better time to enhance the beauty of your home with the finest flooring in the world.

At the considerable risk of scaring away customers, please find an artist’s rendering of my sleek new Jean Luc Picard style hair-do as additional incentive to beat the objectives!


**Happily my thinning hair remains in tact after missing the record by a hair’s breath!