500 Trucks of Illegal Timber – Nabbed in Brazil!

500 trucks of illegal logs seized after Brazil police retake town

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By Alan Clendenning
in Sao Paulo
HEAVILY armed Brazilian federal police have retaken control of an Amazon town and seized more than 500 truckloads of illegally cut hardwood that were abandoned last week when rioting residents and loggers drove out environmental authorities.
About 450 officers retook the town of Tailandia on Saturday, patrolling on horseback and in pick-up trucks and standing guard outside sawmills.

At least 2,000 residents burned tyres, blocked roads and forced Environmental Protection Agency workers to flee the area last Tuesday. The force sent in at the weekend allowed the seizure of the wood to resume while preventing any new violence, federal police officer Fernando Alberto Silva said.

“Order was re-established peacefully,” he added.

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