Buying flooring makes people nervous…iFLOOR Brooklyn makes people happy!

It is very normal for people to feel apprehensive about a big purchase. Buying flooring for example is marked by 4 distinct stages.

So when you find a company online or even in your own neighborhood you still have natural nervousness. But I can tell you we understand that process and we feel your pain (to use a Clintonism). But seriously our aim is to help you through the otherwise frustrating process.

One of our customers in New York had those feelings, but at the end of the day TEAM BROOKLYN shined and carried the day. Kudos to Tim and the gang for living up to the promise to serve:


I took a chance with iFloor and spoke with Mr. Timothy Anderson and it paid off. I was able to order my flooring with no inconvenience; delivery was completed expeditiously; and installation of the wood product was very professional. In short, I highly recommend iFloor for any flooring project.

Velly P, NYC


Take a chance on iFLOOR – we have served nearly 1 million customers since we began in business. Most flooring companies won’t ever see 10,000 customers in 40 years let alone our massive numbers. We get it. We ain’t perfect, but we aspire to be!

Lemonade anyone?

I must say, there is certainly a lot of gloom and doom going around these days. Banks failing, insurance companies running out of money, the sky may be the next thing to fall if you believe what you hear on the news. But naturally being a “focus on the positive” type(lemons are to make lemonade afterall), I find there are actually a lot of positives on which to focus right now.

Here’s one example: I’ve never quite seen market conditions create such a favorable position for our customers. The fact is that a lot of companies out there are struggling because demand for their product has dropped (mainly due to a struggling housing industry) and they can be a little more flexible when it comes to price than they normally would be. So if you happen to be a global multi-channel retailer (such as iFLOOR,) you get a lot of calls from these companies who are looking to move their inventory on a large scale. After all, one call to iFLOOR can sell more flooring than two hundred calls to other retailers, so it makes sense that my phone is constantly ringing!

And when you’re willing to buy in big volume (and I am) then you can make some really outrageous deals. (which I have!)

So while everyone else is selling, I’ve been buying and we have to make room for our new shipments which start arriving next week. And now through Friday, we’ll be cleaning house! I’ve let the merchandising team know that it all has to go by this week, regardless of profit margin (hoping they’ll at least keep it in the positive range.) If you’ve been waiting for the right time to purchase new flooring, there’s never been a better time and it won’t be like this forever.

If you find the perfect floor, I’d urge you not to wait until the last day. This sale is based on available inventory and at these prices it will go quickly!

Great Service – But Customer waited too long on a hot deal. :(

Subject: wonderful communication
Thank you for your red oak sample….I should have asked in the beginning if there was enough red oak for my needs…I was sorry that there wasn’t but thank you for the sample…I have done business with many companies over the years…I am also a business owner as well………Your professionalism is deeply appreciated….I couldn’t do any better myself. That’s a good thing cause I try and always be the best I can be…I appreciate your compassion as a company…….Sincerely Richard
I know we’ll find another hot deal for Richard. This is always one of those catch 22’s. The hottest deals go fast and we hate to disappoint customers, so if you see something get it before it’s gone. Right now there are deals to be had, but they are often so competitive that there are tons of customers on the web all trying to get it. The first movers always have the advantage.

Thanks Richard and kudos to the team for taking care of the customers.

Cleaning Bruce Hardwood Floors

Q: I have Bruce Hardwood Oak prefinished flooring in my kitchen. I use Pledge Hardwood Floor Cleaner and a large terry mop and all seems fine. My husband and I recently saw a steam cleaner and we were wondering if that would be better. Our floor installer said water was the floors worst enemy – which made me wonder about the long term effect of steam cleaning. By the way we love our Bruce Flooring.
Thanks advance for your help.

A: I would avoid using any form of steam cleaner on a hardwood floor. Your installer is right on, water can be the worst enemy of any wood floor, but so can shifts in temperature. With a steam cleaner, you would be very quickly applying both heat and moisture to your floor, which means for a brief moment as the floor is heated, it will expand, then contract as it returns to its normal temperature. This expansion and contraction, albeit minor, can cause gapping to occur over time.
The current method you are using is good and suggested. Using an approved cleaner (no wax or oil-base cleaners), spray a light mist over the floor then follow up with a microfiber or terrycloth mop head to clean and dry the floor. The easiest way to think here is akin to a swiffer, a small amount of cleaner goes a long way with wood floors. You can also lightly damn your mop, but make sure it is very little moisture as you don’t want excessive moisture or standing moisture on the floor. Its sometimes advisable to follow up with a dry terrycloth towel to ensure any and all remaining moisture is removed from the floor.

Laminate Flooring, Pergo, Wilsonart, Armstrong, True Flooring and more…

Laminate flooring is still relatively new in terms of a product category within the flooring industry.

Still it is surprising how often people still ask the basic question of, “What exactly is laminate?”

They want to know, “Is it a hardwood floor?” or they ask, “Is this a vinyl floor?”

People are trying to use their existing knowledge about floors to try and fit laminate flooring into one of those buckets.

Laminate flooring simply said is a plastic surface with a core made of wood fiber. As I have always said, the part that looks like wood, yeah that’s the plastic. The part in the middle that is hard to tell what it is exactly is actually a high density fiber board (depending on the manufacturer.) For more details check out my 1996 article called Pergo Vs. The World.

The brands Pergo, Wilsonart, Shaw, Amstrong, True Flooring and many more make laminate flooring in all different ways. Pergo is the top brand consumers are aware of and often will refer to the category of laminate as Pergo. (in the same vein as all tissue paper being referred to as Kleenex) To see a quick rating guide check out Brand Wars II which compare some of the top brands to each other.

As the end of the day, laminate flooring is a unique product category of its own. It is cool, it is value priced, and more and more it is becoming more innovative. It’s not for everybody, but that is a whole different topic.

Ask the Expert Hits 500

This is just a quick post to celebrate the 500th blog post here on the Ask the Expert blog at iFLOOR. Although we have helped answer questions for more people than just the 500 posted here thus far, even helping 500 people is something of an honor.
As a special bonus beyond today’s question, I wanted to shed a bit of light onto the team here whom we refer to as “the think tank,” beyond yours truly.
Tad A., Director of Install for iFLOOR, has been in the flooring industry for 25 years. Tad has installed more floors than most folks can fathom and his insights come from raw experience.
Gene D., iFLOOR’s Commercial Contract Manager, who has been an installer and project manager and commercial finisher for nearly 40 years. Gene does some amazing commercial work, ranging from high-end homes to hospitals, resorts and even a Buddhist temple.
Beyond these two we also get occasional feedback and even ideas for our editorials from members of iFLOOR’s customer service team and sales team members. On behalf of the iFLOOR team, we are proud to help each and every person who has a question and thank you to all the readers of the Ask the Expert blog!