Flooring Maintenance

Here’s a quick flooring tip for you:

Alot of people still don’t remember how important it is to prevent sand and other build up to occur on your wooden type floors. (this would include hardwood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and really any hard surface flooring.)

It’s not that people think that sand or dirt is good for floors, but we sometimes get a false sense of security about the scratch-ability of flooring due to the big warranty labels that now show on most flooring brands.

BUT ALL FLOORING, no matter how tough it is can be scratched. Sand can act as sandpaper under your feet therefore keeping the floors sand and dust free is critical. One of the best ways to reduce the sand and build up on your floor is to have mats both inside and outside your doorways (yes, all of them). These mats will protect your flooring by helping grab most of that sand off the shoes before they hit your floors. You also want to have a very regular dust mop schedule (or vacuuming) to keep those floors in tip top shape.

No matter what warranties claim, no matter what sales people promise, no matter what anyone says – FLOORING can scratch. There is no warranty against scratching. (Although there are some very resistant floors to scratching, let’s all just remember that the laws of physics still apply to flooring.)

This is somewhat redundant  to some past posts, but I wanted to just share this important point since this topic can never get old. 

Flooring – Hardwood, Laminate, Cork, Bamboo & Exotics

If you watch the news it seems like the sky is falling and certainly in housing and the financial sectors things could be better, alot better.

But the best investors like Warren Buffet know that a down market is also known as a buyers market. And I can say the team is working overtime to make the best buys that will save you the most money.

I have never seen a more lopsided advantage for buyers. As consumers you can take advantage of top quality products, with superb warranty support at remarkable prices. And to top it off if you use the iFLOOR credit card you can do it at 0% interest! That is called the triple dip if you are a savvy buyer!

If you are thinking about improving your home with new Flooring anytime in the next 18 months – NOW is the time to check out the offers. At some point the momentum will shift as demand increases, but for now the BUYER has the power. That’s good for us and that’s good for you!

Strand Bamboo flooring installation – Teragren Bamboo

Here is a nice photo set from a great installation crew.

This is a strand bamboo flooring job and the brand of bamboo is from Teragren. This is a glue down installation with a 45 degree angle. You can also checkout the Teragren brand website.

As you can see installing on an angle REALLY is a luxury move and makes for an AWESOME upgrade. You should anticipate about 15% waste as a result of installation on the diagonal, but i think it is worth it.

So if you want a strand bamboo that is NOT packed with formaldehyde and you want a beautiful rich floor take a look at Teragren bamboo from iFLOOR.

For some reason I can’t embed the photos here directly so check them out at:

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Installation

Special Buys – Are you feeling Lucky, well are ya?

The unique variety of special buys that are left over from a recent Truckload event is really special.

Flooring Special Buys

The variety of species, looks and feels is really cool.

Do you need some Bolivian Rosewood? How about some stained black IPE?

These looks at these prices are really something special. If you can grab up these special buys – many of them are below the WHOLESALE COST that dealers pay. That’s right you pay less than a flooring store. Check it out! I love this stuff! Yes I know it’s flooring, but when you have a house full of some of these looks it really becomes like a work of art!

So if you feel lucky now is the time to capture some really really cool flooring at some spectacular values.

Indianapolis ‘Bubble Boy’ Gets Safe Place to Call Home – Angie’s list partners with local companies to provide a healthy home for baby born without an immune system

Indianapolis – When
Sebastian Guarneros was born on June 11, 2007, he was the apple of his
parents’ eye. The second-born for Karin and Enrique Guarneros, “Sebi”,
as they like to call him, was a welcomed addition to their family.

just five short months later, the Indianapolis parents found out there
was something wrong with their perfect little boy.
In November 2007, Sebastian started getting sick and never got better.
After bouts of bacterial and viral pneumonia and months of tests,
doctors at Riley Hospital for Children determined he had Severe
Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) – commonly known as the “bubble boy”
disease. This robbed him of an immune system. While their dreams of
seeing Sebastian playing t-ball with other kids, or riding his bike
down the street started to fade, his parents weren’t ready to give up.


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