Over on Twitter some smart group of social do-gooders has decided to make a difference. Kudos to them on their ingenious idea to leveage the large live social network and raise money in 48 hours.

A great idea, a great effort lead by inspired people. Got to love it.



@tweetsgiving a worthy cause and a great social experiment on #tweetsgiving. Got to get my credit card out.

If you would like to help build a school in Tanzania you can donate any amount online right now. $1.00 is cool, $10.00 buys a brick and the more the merrier.

The goal is to raise $2000.00 in 48 hours to build a full school house. Can you help?



If you have flooring in your home your not alone. Many of us with homes have flooring throughout the house. Although there is an occasional unfinished basement, most often homes have floors in just about every room.

One area of the home, however,  that has been often overlooked is the garage. Flooring for the garage is a large and growing market as people are deciding to finish up their garages. Flooring in that area is being used to create a more easy to clean environment as well as as a nicer look.

Look for more advancements in garage flooring in 2009!

On the Go

I have been traveling this week and expect to be traveling for the next several weeks so posts will be sporadic. One tip for those searching for flooring information is to use the tags on the right and click on the word bamboo or formaldehyde or whatever you are interested in.

We have some bugginess on the blogs right now so the search is not helpful and the publishing is unpredictable.

But lots of great insights to share about some of the new challeges with flooring in 2009 like the new CARB1 standard and what that means to cheap imports, what does that mean to consumers. Also new product innovations and fashions are just around the corner. I will try to give you some previews to the hottest and most earth friendly looks!