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The first line of coordinating CORK flooring specific patterns was developed by IF Moldings and sold on http://www.ifloor.com.

I believe that the variety of coordinating trims and moldings for cork flooring is unbeatable. Only now are others waking up to this very innovative solution to moldings for cork flooring.

The Old Library II

The Old Library II, originally uploaded by (Erik).

This library I believe in the Netherlands is a great example of a classic herringbone hardwood pattern. That is something that is not really seen as much any more, but certainly is a very high end style and something that I thought deserved another look.

HDF Flooring Factory – raw lumber

HDF Factory – raw lumber, originally uploaded by steve_simonson.

HDF is the core board used for laminate flooring and many other click flooring options. Have you ever wondered what high density fiberboard (HDF) is made of? (I am sure that question keeps all of you up at night.)

Well for those that didn’t laugh sarcastically at that question the answer is: TREES

These fast growing sustainable trees are brought to the mill and stacked up as shown in this photo waiting to be loaded into a shredder and then compressed to the fiber board.

I will post more on this production process which is so vital to flooring in the near future.

It’s time for a cork flooring work out!

Cork has been gaining in popularity as a choice in flooring for several years, but the break through pricing now available is really something that has helped to accelerate the cork flooring segment to grow.

In years past it was common to see cork flooring priced in the $12-$18 per foot range and that was not considered anything special.

Today it is common to find deals on cork planks with easy click together systems for prices below $5.00. There are still some patterns and designs that demand a bit higher cost and some really cool new things coming that will redefine the upper part of the market, but those are still very affordable in the $5-$7 range which is more than 50% below the old range of cork flooring prices.

Below I will share a few photos from a cork workout room in a basement that was installed over concrete flooring using a vapor barrier:

cork flooring in a basement
cork flooring in a basement
cork flooring from westhollow
cork flooring from westhollow
cork flooring for your home gym
cork flooring for your home gym

Tigerwood is great exotic hardwood

I have seen tons of exotic hardwood over the years, but i have to say that Tigerwood (exotic hardwood) certainly would be in my top 3.

The very distinct colorations and contrast is very satisfying and I believe it is truely one of the most beautiful exotic hardwood species that exists.

As with most exotic hardwood the color will deepen over time dramatically, which in my mind adds to the beauty and is one of the features of the floor that makes this so great.

A recent tigerwood recipient shared the photos below that I thought were worth sharing their wonderful new flooring experience. Take a look: