The Beauty Of Bamboo Flooring!

I recently had a customer buy some flooring to redo the flooring in her workout studio. After she had the flooring installed she sent me a photo and I am posting it on here to share with you so you too can see the beauty in bamboo flooring.

bamboo flooring

For those of you who are now interested in bamboo flooring the exact type that was instlled here is the Woodstock Bamboo.  Solid 3′ Bamboo Buldier Bamboo. Horizontal Carbonized. 3 3/4″ X 3′ 1 8/10″ X 0.59″. The Item ID is 412377 (B) WBHORCARB.

Enticing Cork Flooring Designs

Are you planning on renovating your house?  Interested in a flooring material that can splash some freshness to your rooms?  Well if that’s the case, cork flooring is just the product for you. Cork flooring industries are now innovating new designs to provide for their customers’ increasing demands and requirements. Now, you don’t have to worry about having the right kind of flooring to complement your home interiors. The latest cork flooring designs can pretty much complement any home décor and give your living quarters that striking appearance. Indeed, cork flooring gives you a great deal for your money. With it, you not only get an exhilaratingly beautiful flooring product but also one that is endowed with the best floor qualities. Cork flooring embodies all the characteristics that can create a pretty and comfortable home environment. With its affordability, you can actually cover your entire home with cork flooring.  In addition, cork flooring can also endure heavy activity that often leads to the demise of most flooring materials. Heavy foot traffics, scratches and stains are of no great concern if you have cork flooring in your home.

In the midst of cork flooring popularity, manufacturers still remain committed to helping homeowners get the best out of their flooring materials. As such, they have made cork flooring user friendly. Cork flooring is made to withstand great amounts of stresses caused by daily chores and activities. Furthermore, maintenance and care are totally easy. Cork flooring also has a unique way of keeping the people more relaxed. It’s pretty comfortable to walk on and play around. Additionally, it seems to have properties that protect the health of the family. With these attributes, its no wonder why there is a growing interest for this kind of flooring material.. Its softness and neatness can make any home atmosphere conducive for living. This is undoubtedly the reason behind why it is being considered as one of the most suitable flooring materials for the home. Cork flooring hosts an extensive number of designs that are widely available in the market. It will surely leave you breathless just thinking about the possibilities you can make for your home. Cork flooring will leave you satisfied with your home environment, and at most, will encourage you to stay home more. The glamorous life is just a step away if you pick cork flooring for you home today.

Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Flooring

Even as times passes and a new era dawns on us, many houses still need flooring that has great design and is fit for diverse purposes. In such case, hardwood flooring continues to be the most popular flooring material of choice. Some of its known advantages are durability, comfort, convenience and style. These are what make people want it as their flooring. Though installation of hardwood flooring may need a little carpentry skills, with just a few guidelines to follow, the results of hardwood flooring installation will surely be elegant. Such has been proven by the homes of our great grandmothers and great grandfathers. Hardwood flooring has been used for a long time. And from the first house it was installed in, until now, hardwood flooring is still unsurpassed as a flooring material.

As we all know, the most important part of a house is its foundation. Now, the flooring gives it a more stable and beautiful touch. Flooring is what seals the deal, that’s why it must be carefully preserved. Hardwood flooring needs care in order to last long. Thus, proper maintenance and cleaning must be performed to keep its stylish look. Many people always say that it is so hard to clean wood flooring. But the key for cleaning hardwood is not using water. Wood tends to absorbed water. This makes it swell and ultimately leads to great and irreversible damage. In order to clean hardwood flooring, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust of the floor or a sponge or cloth for drying spilled liquid. For your furniture like chairs and tables, you can use protector pads on the legs. This will be helpful if and when you decide rearrange your home furnishings. With protector pads, you can avoid leaving unnecessary marks on the hardwood floor. Most owners that have pets find their hardwood flooring abundantly scratched by the end of the day. This is expected since animals are not that conscious of the damage they create with their nails. Cats regularly scrape their claws so that the outer husks are removed. So when you have dogs and cats at home, be sure to trim their nails in order to lessen the damage they could cause on your hardwood floor.

Flooring For Your Home

There are many types of flooring nowadays. Some of the more well known kinds are laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, hardwood flooring, and cork flooring. With different designs and attributes, it’s quite difficult to choose which one would be more suitable for your home. So in order to help you in your choice, here are a few facts regarding each type of flooring material mentioned.

* Laminate flooring is the least expensive among the four and it is also the easiest to install. Care and maintenance is also less costly in comparison to other flooring materials.

* Bamboo flooring is next in line as a less expensive flooring material. But it is made from renewable products, which makes it more practical and eco-friendly than the rest. Bamboo flooring is endowed with insect repellant properties, has good durability, and a stylish look which make it stand out among the other types of flooring.

* Hardwood flooring is a material comes from a timber thinned out and shaped for home flooring use. Installation might not easy but the impact of hardwood flooring on your home is simply elegant to pass up. People use hardwood flooring for its durability, comfort and stylish look. Furthermore, maintenance for hardwood flooring is easy. All you need is a vacuum or a piece of cloth and you’re all set. However, it is imperative that you remember to avoid using water or any other liquid on this kind of flooring. Hardwood flooring absorbs water and that causes damage on it.

* Cork flooring is the most expensive flooring material but for a good reason. Though its price may be a bit steep, it offers amazing advantages as a home flooring material. This is why more people use this kind of material. Cork flooring is durable, insect resistant and stylish. But unlike the other material for flooring, cork has resistance to humidity and it does not damage easily by liquid spills. Cork comes from the bark of a cork oak tree, that’s why its strong, resilient and renewable.

Different types of flooring have different or intertwining advantages and disadvantages. Proper knowledge will help you discern on what will be best for your home. Whether you choose one type of flooring over the other, what matters is that you remember to properly care for it, so that it will last long.

Expensive Type Of Flooring

Hardwood flooring can be expensive since they are literally used for ages and being known for its durability. You can’t go wrong when you are choosing hardwood floor as an investment for your home.   Hardwood floor are one of the most important floor varieties that can last long. You can have it in your home to add grandeur and sophistication in your own home.  Hardwood floor maybe a bit pricey but it’s worth it to be a part of your home investment. It’s important to have a comfortable floor and suitable for daily use don’t forget the  trends that can go along with your hardwood floor  so better get one to confident in your home. Wood has been a popular use for ages and its durability brings its recognition.

Lately there are many flooring types whose out in the market but nobody can beat the hardwood floors characteristics and popularity. There may be flooring types who have similar features from hardwood floor such as bamboo floor which both of them are being process from highly technology that made them durable.  Also they are both environmentally friendly types of flooring and almost the same in strength. That’s why flooring industries usually take bamboo floor as an alternative to hardwood floor. But giving the fact about both sides their strength can endure heavy foot traffic s and will last long.  Currently both floor types are being compared and battled which of them are the best yet both of them are good for home floor purposes it’s just a matter of budget and appropriate uses.  And just using a type of floor for your home pleasure and needs makes sure you measure the idealness. Evaluate all your flooring plan including the floor types, colors, textures, styles and designs as well as the uses so that you can have a good result. It’s all worth after all investing to a beautiful floor for your home it’s a better inspiration.

Since hardwood floor are expensive floor types however several homeowners are willing to spend.  They consider it as a good investment for their home to make it look beautiful and comfortable for their daily use.  These floors may be expensive but what you spend in your money will give back for you in return the strength of the floor that will last longer than you thought.  Thus a hardwood floor is a perfect option for the homeowners who want to have a beautiful and durable home floor.

What Flooring Suits Your Home?

A good flooring can brighten up your day, especially if you’ve got the right type installed in your house. Flooring is one of the materials that can significantly contribute to the beautification of your home. Thus, it must be carefully picked according to the your specifications.

There are different types of flooring that you can choose. But mind you, not all of them can fit your home design. There are certain styles and types you need to consider so you can end up with the best option for your home flooring material. In relation, you should also have to put into account what kind of house you have and the levels it possesses. Now, there are three main levels of a normal house. They are the above-grade or suspended level, which is found above the ground level (usually named second floor, third floor and so on). There’s the on-grade, which is the ground level. And lastly, there is the below-grade level, which is also known as “the underground” level. The underground level and on-grade level are more exposed to moisture because they have more contact to the ground. So the flooring installed in these areas must have the capability of absorbing and resisting moisture.

Each room and area of a house serves a specific function. It also sports a particular fashion. It is very important that you complement the flooring material to be used to the purpose and look of a room. Like in the kitchen, since it has high traffic and easily gets grubby because of food stains and external factors, the flooring material should be non-slip and easy to clean for safety and convenience purposes. Vinyl flooring is a good choice for kitchen floors because of its resilience. It also provides more cushioning, which lessens glass breakage during slips and falls. Laminate, tile, and hardwood flooring are good alternatives for kitchen flooring as well. In light of this, it is vital that you remember to choose the kind of flooring material that is of good quality and demands less costs.

Healthy Yet Trendy Flooring

Do you think it is impossible to have a healthy and yet trendy kind of flooring in your home? Well if you think it’s so, you’re wrong! Indeed, you can have a beautiful, classy, durable and very easy to maintain flooring that’s also very healthy for the body. The answer lies with laminate flooring. This flooring material is pretty reliable in securing your family’s health and conveying beauty. You can have it installed in almost any area of your home or do it yourself with the use of a few basic tools and guidelines. Laminate flooring has been very popular among many homeowners because of its healthy characteristics, as well as its easy-to-redesign qualities. In line with this, you actually have a lot of redecorating options to choose from when it comes to laminate flooring. It is the latest and biggest trend in home flooring design and one of the hottest products among the do-it-yourself flooring options.

Laminate flooring has a convenient variety of styles, colors and textures. This type of flooring can actually look exactly like hardwood flooring, tiles, granite, marble, bamboo and ceramic flooring products. As such, laminate flooring is certainly a good alternative to any of those flooring types mentioned. So much so that sometimes it is mistaken as the real thing. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and care for. In addition, it is also very simple to redecorate. However the beauty of laminate flooring is does not only lie on its exterior. It is a character that goes beyond its appearance.  Laminate flooring is made from wood products and plastics that have been compressed together under high pressure. This bondage forms an extremely rigid plank that has an aluminum-oxide finish. With this kind of materials, the resiliency of your home flooring is guaranteed. It is nearly impossible not to correct stains and damages on laminate flooring given its components. And because of its innate durability, laminate flooring doesn’t easily fade; even without consistent waxing or polishing. It never wears out easily.

So get ready to do a home makeover using the laminate flooring. Just simply install it and see the difference it makes to your living space. A lot of research has proven the effectiveness of laminate flooring in improving a person’s health. Laminate flooring gets rid of unhealthy factors like dust that cause asthma. It also repels other pollutants that are not completely cleaned by vacuum cleaners. If you still doubt the possible contribution laminate flooring can give your health, maybe you should try it out for yourself. Aside from laminate flooring, bamboo, cork and hardwood flooring products are other healthy flooring options you can avail of. These types of flooring products all come from natural materials. They are easier to clean and does not harbor harmful bacteria and dust mites.