How to install Solid Hardwood Flooring

A HD video about how to install solid hardwood flooring. These techniques for solid wood can be applied to any solid floor that is tongue and groove and requires a nail down installation technique.

Buying Flooring on the Internet

An interesting article on another blog:

Buying Floors On the Internet

Many years ago, they said that selling flooring on the internet couldn’t be done. “Too many obstacles,” they’d say, “customers need to see and touch the product before they can make a decision.” And for carpet, that’s probably true. Carpet is very much about feel, density, the softness of the fiber and most importantly, color. But what a lot didn’t see back then is that consumers would begin installing hard surface flooring in an uncontrollable demand.

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Flooring Therapy for those that need it.

Carpet Tiles – yes indeed

A recent story about carpet tiles only reinforces the idea that carpet will soon face a change of it’s own.

Like vinyl has had to adopt to a new format and like laminate has changed to be 100% click from it’s glued days and like hardwood is now mostly pre-finished rather than finished on site carpet too will now have to adapt or lose market share.

People like the idea of having carpet in certain areas of the home, but they don’t like the hassle of the installation or the tear out etc…

If you could simply buy 10 boxes, go home and put them on your subfloor, cut the edges and then take a break that could seriously change the game for carpeting.

Carpet tile is more expensive than roll carpet due to the backing and how it is made, but it is much easier to install as well.

Carpet tile can be easily adapted for most uses, although stairs will not work.

Watch out roll carpet – your days may be numbered.

carpet tile
Carpet Tile can often look like regular roll carpet!

Wall Street Journal talks Flooring

In a post last week the proposed engineered hardwood flooring duty was discussed. Now the Wall Street journal has picked up the story as well.

They rightly point out that this is not about made in the USA vs. made in China. In fact this is a battle “pitting American flooring distributors against one another, as manufacturer-owned companies seeking the duties face off with independent firms.”


hardwood chart
What this chart doesn't show is that the complaining US companies are buying alot of the Chinese wood and reselling it, therefore they haven't lost as much market share as this production chart indicates. Even the WSJ can make mistakes

Flooring Installers (aka Flooring Fitters) – See if you can detect Sarcasm

If you read the packaging of Pergo flooring or most any other brand of flooring today you see giant letters that claim this Do-It-Yourself product is unmatched in it’s simplicity! The marketers then go on to show several toddlers putting the flooring together while Dad watches the big game on TV.

Given the absolute truth truth that we come to expect from the marketing community(hint: this is where the sarcasm is the thickest) it is easy to say that flooring installers or as our English friends call them “flooring fitters” must be a thing of the past right?


In fact as the differences in flooring construction have increased the need for competent and talented flooring installers has only increased.

Flooring installers are often like other contractors – meaning they have their own view of the world, they have their own way of doing things and why shouldn’t they? They are consummate individualists that have earned the right to do it their way. (Queue Frank Sinatra song)

One of the resources for flooring installers is the now 11 year old site Packed with photos and videos from installation insiders these guys are not afraid to give as good as they take. At the end of the day, they are professionals who are committed to doing the right thing for their customers and they deserve the recognition for having high talent in a very tough trade.

So the next time you see that slick marketing from the flooring manufacturers basically tell you that the flooring will install itself, take a moment and decide if you need a professional flooring installer or if you really are up the challenge (and the risks).

flooring installer
Flooring Installer