Discount Flooring – how to spot a deal?

discount flooring
discount flooring

Anytime someone things of flooring the very idea gets people into a cold sweat. Buying flooring can be frustrating and confusing when it comes to style and design, but once you add in the financial component of the floor buying process frustration can often turn to misery.

The one way to add a ray of light on this otherwise dreary process is to get a good deal. Finding discount flooring is not hard to do, but it sometimes helps to see the world from an experienced  perspective.

First, land based retail stores have higher overhead than big box retailers and e-commerce companies. Big Box has worse service than land based traditional flooring stores. E-commerce makes it a challenge to see samples making the decision process murky.

The best way to insure you find your way through these choices is to get focused on what is most important to you. If you want someone in person to hold your hand go check out the traditional flooring stores, but be prepared to pay more. If you want a pallet of who knows what instantly and no service roll the dice in a big box. However, if you really are interested in buying discount flooring you must consider online flooring companies. You can certainly get a lower price, but it will be less personal hand holding and take a little more time. However if price is critical here are a couple online flooring discount tips:

1. Order Samples online – expect to pay a buck or two per sample – but ask for that money back when you order from the company.

2. Select from the samples after reviewing them in your home over 1 full day in different lights.

3. Make sure to ask about any coupons, shipping offers or discounts available if you purchase that day.

4. Check your order immediately when it arrives to proactively communicate in the event of any shipping headaches.

It is estimated close to 5 million people have purchased flooring online in the last 10 years. That number continues to increase because of the advantages online. As always risks come with any process so find someone you can trust.

Here are a couple websites that have been recommend by different communities on the Internet:

Discount Flooring Option 1: – one of the oldest online flooring stores.

Discount Flooring Option 2: – One of the largest online flooring stores.

Discount Flooring Option 3: – specializing in DIY friendly flooring choices.

Discount Flooring Option 4: – Different Niches for factory direct price.

Discount Flooring Accessories: – The finest brand of flooring underlayment.

Cork flooring pros and cons

Cork flooring is generally something consumers and even contractors and designers are unfamiliar with depsite it being used for over 100 years across the United States and Europe.

Here are 3 cork flooring PROS:

1. Cork is softer under your feet than other flooring leading to less fatigue.

2. Cork is quieter than other flooring naturally absorbing sound while feeling great.

3. Cork is resilient and can be very tough if properly well maintained – even in some commercial flooring situations.

(there are other pro’s to cork flooring, but this post is focusing on the top 3 pro’s and con’s for cork floors.)

Here are 3 cork flooring CONS:

1. Cork Flooring’s look, while viewed as distinctive and unique by many, is often seen by others as a turn off and not a viable option. So this aspect of cork flooring is both a PRO and a CON.

2. Cork Flooring can gouge easier than some other flooring options and nothing should be dragged across the flooring.

3. Cork can change color (typically fade) when exposed to lots of light. This is a natural reaction to light (especially bright direct sunlight) that happens to natural cork flooring and not a defect.

Cork flooring has a series of PRO’s and CON’s that are outside of these top 3 – but these factors should be considered when shopping for cork floors.cork flooring pros and cons