Do-It-Yourself Hardwood Floors Are Easier Than Ever

It seems the popularity of hardwood flooring is at its peak, and in the last ten years we’ve seen a lot of changes in hardwood floor manufacturing and the options that are now available to us. It wasn’t entirely too long ago when having a wood floor installed was not that easy a process, and one that required a professional. Today, things have changed.

Most wouldn’t have dared try to install a traditional nail down wood floor or even try a glue-down hardwood installation. It’s understandable, as mistakes can be costly when working with glue or nails, and usually it’s a good idea to have some experience or at least be pretty handy before attempting a nail down wood floor installation or a glue down hardwood installation. That’s why most choose to have these types of wood floors professionally installed.

Those with the full intention of installing their own wood floors, but have little experience, will be happy to know that many of today’s hardwood floors are available with click locking systems. These click wood floors install with a click locking mechanism, much like today’s laminate floors. These easy to install wood floors are now the clear choice of do-it-yourselfers all over the country.

If you have chosen to install your own wood flooring, it can potentially save you hundreds, maybe thousands depending on the area you’re covering. With a little extra work on your part, you can significantly increase the quality of the wood floor you receive and still save substantially.

Today’s selection of click hardwood floors is pretty expansive. You can find them in just about any species, including exotic click wood floors. They are available in engineered hardwood styles, solid hardwood styles, and even click HDF core engineered wood flooring. The finishes available are also nearly limitless. Hand scraped hardwood, hand distressed hardwood, antique hardwood looks, exotic hardwood, beveled edge hardwood and more are all within your reach when it comes to easy to install click hardwood flooring.

These floors are also available in click solid hardwood styles or click engineered wood styles. If you’re installing wood over concrete and doing it yourself, a click engineered wood floor would be your best option. When made correctly, these floors don’t absorb as much moisture from the air as do solid wood floors, therefore are not as prone to seasonal expansion and contraction that can cause gaps between wood planks. If installing over a wood subfloor, you can choose either type and find each in click wood flooring styles.

The fact is that it’s never been easier for someone with little or no experience to install his or her own wood flooring, and the hard wood floors of today are better quality, longer lasting, require less maintenance and even cost less. That’s a pretty great combination, and why it just makes more sense to do a diy wood installation.

3 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Hardwood Floors Are Easier Than Ever”

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  2. I think a lot of people get unduly worried about installing a real wood floor, with costly mistakes being one of the reasons why they either give up on the idea or get a professional in. You’re right about the latest wooden floors making installation a lot easier, but even if homeowners stick to the more traditional planks, DIY installation isn’t something that should be afraid of. Nice post.

  3. Hi,

    We find the main issues involved with a diy installation are peoples basic lack or consideration of nature and implementing this knowledge when installing their new wood floor. A tree/wood strives to keep an equilibrium with it’s environment and the same principle exists with a wood floor. Our advice to diy’ers is, don’t cut corners! Read the manufacturers installation instructions and follow them to the T. A professional finish is generally gained through experience, but a calm, thoughtful diy’er that takes their time can achieve this. They will be living with this living floor for, potentially, a long time. Never go into such an installation with the mindset of ‘I’ll just slap in down in a few hours’. A wood floor is worth doing right as the enhancement to any home can be great.

    All the best to you diy’ers 🙂

    P.s. Great article!

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