About Floor Du Jour

Floor Du Jour is a blog that is really all about flooring. The topics including industry insights, consumer news, contractor points of view and general chit chat about flooring. Occasionally it is entertaining, sometimes it is serious and from time to time is is dormant. Get your Floor Du Jour by subscribing to the FREE RSS feed to stay in touch with this blog and the flooring topics we cover.

Over time this blog has received a ton of email asking what does “Floor du Jour” mean? Basically the site name is intended as an inside joke. If you goto a restaurant you will often be introduced to the “Soup du Jour” aka “the Soup of the Day” and we thought it would be punny to use that concept with flooring. 

Not everyone thinks about flooring everyday, but we do. And that’s the point, really. We think about flooring, the environment, how to harvest and produce top quality flooring for all kinds of different purposes so that you don’t have to.

Our stories here often cross over into related business questions, marketing, consumer activism, flat out opinions and we don’t apologize for it.  This is free, we believe every word we type and we encourage you to use the parts you like and agree with and disregard the parts you don’t find useful. 

We welcome you to Floor Du Jour. Our way of thinking about the Floor of the day. 😉

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