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Emerging Bamboo Flooring Brand

A 10 year old global manufacturer with emerging operations in North America is really making a statement in flooring.

Started as soley Bamboo flooring factory, Gala Manufacturing has grown into a full line flooring company. Gala has solid bamboo, engineered bamboo, strand bamboo, engineered hardwood, laminate flooring and furniture production facilities.

What’s more is that the solid bamboo carrying the Gala brand are 100% FSC certified and the engineered bamboo flooring is Mixed FSC Certified. Gala is unique because they own tons of forestry in China that is also FSC certified as well which means the raw materials of bamboo and the production process including the chain of custody have been certified by the FSC organization.

As a quick introduction we are including a video of the bamboo flooring process presented by Gala Manufacturing which is a nice summary of the process involved.

Gala manufacturing flooring and furniture logo
gala manufacturing flooring and furniture brand logo featuring hardwood, lamiante, bamboo, cork and all kinds of furniture.

*This was not a paid placement – just a shout out about several really interesting new products from what seems to be a very high quality manufacturer. Here are some of our favorite collections:


Shipping rates increase across flooring industry

If you have visited the gas pump recently you are painfully familiar with the price of gas. That prices translates to a higher cost to you each time you fill up your car or whatever you drive. Well imagine the trucks that haul freight all across the United States, Canada, Europe and the rest of the world for that matter – they have 300-400 gallon tanks!

Although end users of flooring don’t often see the direct cost of gas, freight is a big cost that is factored every time the flooring materials are moved. This doesn’t just include getting the flooring from a retailer to the end user, but every part of the raw materials before and during production, post production, distribution and ultimately to your local retailers like Home Depot, Lowes or flooring distributors. Every time the flooring is moved a layer of cost is added.

It has been calculated that as much as 25% of the flooring cost is the multiple layers of freight and that was during times when gas was less than $3.00 per gallon. More importantly that is an average impact. On lower cost flooring like laminate or entry level products the proportions are even higher – as much as 50%. Now with diesel fast approaching $5.00 per gallon one can only wonder that that will do the the cost of your flooring.

If you are looking to buy flooring anytime during 2011 it is recommended that you take a immediate look to lock in today’s rates before inflation at every level pushes the prices higher and higher.


Area Rugs – why don’t you have one?

Studies about hard surface flooring like hardwood and laminate have shown that most people put a rug down on a new floor in the first 10 days following their purchase.

However after having the opportunity to study flooring purchases from hundred of thousands of shoppers covering hundreds of millions of feet of floors there is a stark reality: MORE THAN 40% of PEOPLE DO NOT GET A RUG DESPITE ALL OF THE BENEFITS.

Firstly new flooring is beautiful, but rugs enhance that beauty they don’t detract.

Secondly rugs offer some protection to some of those new floors and can be a perfect accent.

And third – rugs are really affordable! This is the dirty little secret that people don’t fully realize. Rugs are much more affordable than you think.

In a blind study when 5 rugs are put in front of consumers the prices that consumer guess for the rugs is often 2 times more than they really are in some cases 20x more. That’s right they guess the rug retail is $4,000 and it is closer to $200.

Part of the reason is because high quality rugs are available online for lower and lower costs. In the old days if you walk into Macy’s for a rug you could expect to pay $2,000 – $4,000. However, today those exact same rugs which are still priced like that in Macys and other retail stores can be found online at discounters like ONLINE AREA RUGS at a fraction of the price because they have low overhead and direct ship from rug warehouses to homes, offices, hotels or wherever the customer requires.

Because of this massive shift toward consumer choice you have the ability to change rugs every few years instead of thinking of them as heirlooms.

We do want to be clear that there are still heirloom quality rugs and a very high end niche available in the market, but it is such a tiny fraction of the market it isn’t worth wasting time talking about. That segment is basically crazy rich people who want something totally unique and part of the story is that they paid $150,000 for this rug. That same rug could be custom made with the same exact specification for 90% less if someone wanted to.

So the question is why haven’t you found a perfect rug or replaced that ratty rug from a couple years ago. It’s easier than you think. By the way, rugs are great to give as gifts. Your friends or family will appreciate the lasting beauty and immediate impact of adding a rug to their home. And you don’t have to tell them the rug they think cost you $2000.00 – was only $400 – with Free Shipping and No tax.  😉

People Competing with Pandas for Bamboo

Bamboo is a type of grass, as opposed to the common belief that it is a tree. It is also the favorite food of Giant Pandas. Knowing it’s a grass, many of you might think that it is as soft and as brittle as a typical grass type. However, bamboo has proven itself very tough and flexible, making it the material of choice for many structure builders. Does this mean that they’ll endanger the Pandas’ main food source? This is one argument that some uninformed people set out against the increasing use of bamboo in a wide variety of building purposes. Since pandas eat bamboo, some folks worry that increased demand for bamboo will endanger pandas’ food source, thus further endangering them, as well. However, the species of the bamboo used in flooring or other bamboo products is know as either moso or mao bamboo, and it is not the type of bamboo preferred by pandas. In addition, bamboo grows at an incredible rate, reaching its maximum strength and hardness in just a matter of five years. It is also self regenerating so it does not need to be replanted. Those simply mean growing and harvesting bamboo will have no impact on the food source of pandas and will not deprive them of their food. Given all the benefits and environmental friendliness of bamboo, it became one of the primary products of With durability, warmth and natural beauty giving the room an ethnic and earthly feel. Bamboo floors are considered by many, and are beginning to attract a whole lot of buyers against other flooring options.