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Flooring For the Living Room is Changing

It was once the case that wall-to-wall carpet was the automatic choice for living room flooring, but that is no longer the case. In fact, it’s becoming more common to see most other types of floors in a living room, as consumers have grown tired of having to maintain carpet or keeping it looking new. Continue reading Flooring For the Living Room is Changing


Carpet Tiles – yes indeed

A recent story about carpet tiles only reinforces the idea that carpet will soon face a change of it’s own.

Like vinyl has had to adopt to a new format and like laminate has changed to be 100% click from it’s glued days and like hardwood is now mostly pre-finished rather than finished on site carpet too will now have to adapt or lose market share.

People like the idea of having carpet in certain areas of the home, but they don’t like the hassle of the installation or the tear out etc…

If you could simply buy 10 boxes, go home and put them on your subfloor, cut the edges and then take a break that could seriously change the game for carpeting.

Carpet tile is more expensive than roll carpet due to the backing and how it is made, but it is much easier to install as well.

Carpet tile can be easily adapted for most uses, although stairs will not work.

Watch out roll carpet – your days may be numbered.

carpet tile
Carpet Tile can often look like regular roll carpet!

Hardwood Flooring – under your carpet – why?

Alot of people are surprised when they buy an older home and consider replacing that old 70’s shag carpet and then when the carpet comes up they see they have beautiful hardwood flooring beneath that carpet. Alot of people don’t know why this is. But here is the answer:

From 1960-present day Hardwood flooring has been viewed as a upgrade flooring for decades when compared to carpeting.

But alot of people don’t know that hardwood floors were commonly installed in the 40’s and 50’s to meet minimum FHA requirements for home interiors in order to allow homeowners to qualify for most mortgages. Back during that time carpeting was not widely available and therefore red oak was the most common hardwood flooring used all over the United States.

During the 60’s the carpet industry became more more highly automated with automatic tufting machines which allowed higher quality and lower priced carpets to be produced. This flooring option ultimately replaced hardwood as the minimum requirement for mortgages and it was less expensive.

But for those lucky homeowners who pull back carpeting and realize they can refinish these beautiful hardwood floors that are quietly waiting under the carpeting to become free!

Carpeting – what’s the deal?

Carpet was around 75% of the flooring market from 1965-1995 but has steadily fallen since that time. Part of the reason is that there have been more and more flooring options introduced over time such as laminate, newer vinyl floors, bamboo flooring, tile and stone becoming more affordable and many more new items.

However, carpet wasn’t just a victim of more selection some of the problems with carpet market share are linked to carpet manufacturing itself. There became so many choices. Choices that flooring dudes call “me too” items that consumers were more or less not impressed with carpet options in general.

Additionally brands like stainmaster and others promised incredible things about durability which started out to be mostly true, but they allowed their brand to be put on cheaper and cheaper products overtime which didn’t really deliver what the customers expected from those brand names over time. In many ways this failure to deliver on consumer expectations caused the consumer to stop caring about these benefits because they were less and less believable.

Today carpeting has had a bit of a renaissance due in part to the global economy. Carpet in terms of total cost is still one of the most affordable options as compared to hard surface flooring choices like hardwood floors or laminate flooring. So by default carpet has jumped a bit because people can’t afford what they really want: Hardwood, Laminate, Cork or Bamboo Flooring.

But we have to give credit where credit is due – there have been some innovations in carpet that are more exciting. Some of the new softer fibers, which are STILL durable are themselves a paradox. You get a soft touch on your carpeting, but long lasting as well. This is a REAL tangible value to consumers. How long will it be before the brands start over promising and allowing the technology on cheap products which can’t deliver on the promise?

Back on the upside patterned tufting techniques combined with advancements in fiber technology have created new and unique looks that may lead consumers, designers, architects and builders back to the category after all.

Overall it is hard to imagine carpet becoming aspirational, but there are niches like wool carpet, patterned carpet, carpet tiles and others that could become something that is really important going forward.

This could be a ray of optimism for the carpet business, but there is reason now for optimism.  Carpet guys can start to think about the possibility reclaim their past glory and more importantly the past market share.

Carpet Tiles – A different kind of flooring

The carpet tiles made by Milliken are really a very nice frieze styled look, but in an easy to install tile format. The padding is already attached thereby making this a super simple installation. Although this is not appropriate for stairs it can be used effectively to create patterns or simply offer you a high quality carpet with a simple installation method. Do not confuse these HIGH quality products with some of the stuff you see at home centers. They are not the same and will not perform the same.

Check out the carpet tiles if you have that area that needs a little love, but you want it to be a soft flooring and easy install!

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