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Domotex Shanghai Day 1

Whew, my feet hurt.

I saw many many companies today. Some folks we have dealt with for years and years and I even met some new companies today.

I also some some interesting things in the bamboo category which should find their way to the US in the future.

For now I will upload some photos since I have more meetings to goto and I am going to be late! Some interesting things to see for sure!

china floor welcome2




This first photo is of a welcome area where they guys were running around with the golden dragon. It was neat.

chinese flooring manufacturing




In Hall 3 they have basically full manufacturing lines set up. It is loud, but very interesting to see in an exhibition that they have finishing, milling and other very loud processes running.

chinese floor fern




I don’t know why I took this. Maybe I liked the fake fern?

chinese flooring warning




I don’t know who these guys ticked off, but this sign was amazing to see by the entrance to the booth. Clearly not well liked here in China.


Landed in Shanghai

Well I landed in Shanghai about 10 hours ago, got a quick nap and now it’s almost time to goto work.

I am here attending the Domotex China show to meet with flooring professionals from around the world. This flooring show is in the Shanghai area and I will snap some photos from time to time to keep you in the loop.

Here are a couple photos from my other trips to Shanghai. (plus a blurry one from 6:00am on Wednesday the 28th).