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Exotic Engineered Hardwood Floors: The Best Of Both Worlds

Exotic hardwood flooring stirs the soul and inspires all sorts of possibilities. There is just something about exotic wood floors that we love to have in our homes, and if we could, we’d install it throughout our homes.  Most would never dream of that possibility, but exotic engineered flooring can make that dream come true. Continue reading Exotic Engineered Hardwood Floors: The Best Of Both Worlds

Engineered Hardwood – watch what happens to prices

Due to the recent government regulations (translation: incompetent beaurocrats fueled by self interested giant US based conglomerates-yes Warren Buffet, your company is involved) the anti-dumping and counterveiling duty for engineered hardwood flooring looks like it will make a large leap upward. Although the results are not yet final the speculation is a range of 50% duty to 237% duty added to the cost of imported engineered hardwood flooring that is made in china and imported in the USA.

The immediate impact is a large disruption of this particular flooring category’s supply chain – which represents about 40-50% of the engineered hardwood sold in America today. This will force prices higher during a shortage of supply assuming demand holds level. (of course customers may also decide to buy other products besides engineered woods as the supply shrinks and re-sellers are interested in maintaining revenue.)

The funny part: products imported from other countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Ukraine, Portugal, Malaysia and any country besides China are not subject to these new fees.

Therefore the net effect will only be disruption and probably a net cost increase overall, but not 50%-200%.

If you are planning on buying engineered hardwood anytime in the next 12 months now is the time to act before all of these disruptions get priced into the market. After about 12 months it will all settle down and should be a more realistic price level.

Hardwood Review – Saso Hardwood

When considering Hardwood flooring one of the first questions is do you want/need a solid hardwood floor or is an engineered hardwood floor the right choice for you? That discussion is for another time, however for today let’s assume you have already concluded that engineered wood flooring is right for you.

For this scenario let’s assume the following:

You are installing in a lower floor of your home, perhaps a basement.
You want a high end hardwood with European styling and design, but you don’t want to pay retail.

Enter: Saso Hardwood Flooring

Saso is an very well engineered hardwood with a large variety of species to suite your design scheme. Often these species are available in 3 1/2″ wide material or 5″ wide do you can determine which is best for you.

Hardwood Flooring species offered by Saso hardwood include:

  • birch hardwood
  • sapele exotic hardwood
  • Brazilian cherry exotic hardwood (aka jatoba)
  • red oak hardwood
  • maple hardwood
  • white oak hardwood

These species offer a variety of stain colors as well that range from very like to deep chocolate colors.

In terms of construction this floor is terrific. The style and design is high end. The price is surprisingly low and offers a VERY good value to buyers. This floor would certainly be considered a very durable floor considering all of these facts:

9 plys for high stability – this is great for areas with humidity issues (low or high)
Flooring Installation – Floating installation preferred, but can be glued down (but why would you – when you have a PERFECTLY engineered click system on it?)
9 coats of finish!
Properly harvested lumber from managed forests.

If you are considering buying hardwood flooring – it’s worth your time to take a look at Saso Hardwood Floors.

Types Of Wood Flooring With Different Kinds

There are different types of flooring and each has a different kind. The most popular flooring material comes from wood and it is commonly called hardwood flooring. Now Hardwood flooring is subdivided into different kinds: they are exotic hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, long-strip wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and parquet wood flooring. Each of these kinds of flooring presented has their own unique characteristic.

Exotic hardwood comes from exotic trees that are very durable and have a high degree of durability. Some of these exotic trees are Santos mahogany, Brazilian teak, and the Cherry Wood. Exotic hardwood flooring made from different kinds of present characteristics make sure that you have knowledge about it. Engineered hardwood flooring has multiple layers composed of different kinds of wood. These wood panels are glued together to form one thick and strong flooring board. Long-trip flooring is also is also a form of engineered wood flooring that is made from individual fillets. Because of its composition, this kind of engineered wood kind of flooring is very well resistant to expansion and contraction. Solid wood flooring is commonly made from a single sawn lumber and they come in different thickness, which pose a specific purpose. The 3/4″ is what’s usually used for floors and it is nailed to plywood. The 5/16″ is suitable for preferable to use on concrete floors using glue application. Parquet wood flooring is normally used because of its design, which display wood cut into a variety of geometric patterns and glued together to form a flooring panel. When it comes to having the best decorative design, most people know parquet wood as the “rockstar” of wood floorings.  Parquet flooring are wood mosaics that add more personality to your home floors. It is usually applied in royal houses and high class manors and villas.

Having proper knowledge of the different characteristics and uses of hardwood home flooring will give you power in your choices and will surely guarantee an elegant and stylish look for your home.

Hardwood Design Flooring

Hardwood Design Flooring is like engineered flooring that has innovative flooring designs that ranges from covers to many different flooring styles with a variety of colors. This kind of flooring design is available in a very wide selection. Like hardwood flooring, its variety is also available in many different board widths and thickness styles and finishes which consist of engineered hardwood flooring and solid flooring. Other kinds of wooden floors are unfinished and these give you the option to match the color of your doors with wood skirting.

It is part of home decoration to-dos to add accessories to wooden floor designed to make it look beautiful and incredible. To enhance your wooden floor here are some of the choices that you can make:

Doors– You can match your flooring design to any of your interior doors. There are varieties of wooden doors available in the market that can look good with any of the flooring such as hardwood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring or laminate flooring. Doors can complement any flooring design and color and it perfectly comes in a variety of finishes. There are some unfinished doors that you can purchase and finish with oil or varnish so it would perfectly match your floor. Oils or varnish and lacquer are one of the most common door finishes. The flexibility and style design of flooring come in various types for stability and can withstand exposure to cold, heat and moisture.

Furniture– The best way to balance the flooring is to decorate it with the furniture such as chairs, sofa and the others. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors that matches your floor. Some trendy style can elicit admiration if you can blend it well. Furniture can make your bamboo floor, laminate floor or any kind of flooring complete.

Wall – Walls enhance the hardwood floors or the furniture’s clean lines around the room edges. Since floors are part of the home, major home décors should blend with the color of your floor or the walls. Walls are the reason why you can get a contemporary look for your home along with the flooring, furniture, or the decors that you are using.

To get a perfect tread for home design, these simple options will enable you to enhance your home flooring designs. Perfect accompaniment for all wooden floors, furniture’s and wall colors are the key to get the design you want to achieve.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Selection

Engineered wood flooring is real wood that is stuffed with an inch of finished wood on top and non-finished plywood underneath.  Engineered hardwoods appear to be the same as solid hardwoods. But they are have different underneath surfaces because engineered hardwood floors are composed of layers that are piled up then glued and laminated in high pressure and heat to produce a flooring material that is moisture resistant. Consequently engineered floors are suitable to every room in the house.

To pick a high quality engineered wood floor for your home, you need to consider the cost and appearance because there are engineered hardwood floors that are of a similar variety to hardwoods. So it’s hard to compare the costs of solid and engineered hardwoods. Also, their structure is practically indistinguishable to solid hardwood. To determine whether its engineered wood flooring or hardwood flooring, there are some factors that you can check like the location or the type of installation. The quality can be determined by the thickness of the boards and particularly the veneer.

The good thing about having an engineered hardwood floor is that you can use it throughout your home on all levels without any limitation. Through its style, flexibility and variety of colors, engineered hardwoods are considered to be stable flooring in every aspect. Given that the boards are moisture resistant, it can withstand seasonal changes. In the long run engineered hardwood boards won’t shrink unlike solid hardwoods because they are well-built. They add structural integrity to any installation. In addition to its benefits, engineered hardwood also aids in preventing the spread of allergens and dust indoors.