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Exotic Engineered Hardwood Floors: The Best Of Both Worlds

Exotic hardwood flooring stirs the soul and inspires all sorts of possibilities. There is just something about exotic wood floors that we love to have in our homes, and if we could, we’d install it throughout our homes.  Most would never dream of that possibility, but exotic engineered flooring can make that dream come true. Continue reading Exotic Engineered Hardwood Floors: The Best Of Both Worlds

Types Of Wood Flooring With Different Kinds

There are different types of flooring and each has a different kind. The most popular flooring material comes from wood and it is commonly called hardwood flooring. Now Hardwood flooring is subdivided into different kinds: they are exotic hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring, long-strip wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and parquet wood flooring. Each of these kinds of flooring presented has their own unique characteristic.

Exotic hardwood comes from exotic trees that are very durable and have a high degree of durability. Some of these exotic trees are Santos mahogany, Brazilian teak, and the Cherry Wood. Exotic hardwood flooring made from different kinds of present characteristics make sure that you have knowledge about it. Engineered hardwood flooring has multiple layers composed of different kinds of wood. These wood panels are glued together to form one thick and strong flooring board. Long-trip flooring is also is also a form of engineered wood flooring that is made from individual fillets. Because of its composition, this kind of engineered wood kind of flooring is very well resistant to expansion and contraction. Solid wood flooring is commonly made from a single sawn lumber and they come in different thickness, which pose a specific purpose. The 3/4″ is what’s usually used for floors and it is nailed to plywood. The 5/16″ is suitable for preferable to use on concrete floors using glue application. Parquet wood flooring is normally used because of its design, which display wood cut into a variety of geometric patterns and glued together to form a flooring panel. When it comes to having the best decorative design, most people know parquet wood as the “rockstar” of wood floorings.  Parquet flooring are wood mosaics that add more personality to your home floors. It is usually applied in royal houses and high class manors and villas.

Having proper knowledge of the different characteristics and uses of hardwood home flooring will give you power in your choices and will surely guarantee an elegant and stylish look for your home.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring will darken with time and exposure to light

I am in between meetings, but I wanted to make a quick comment about how wood flooring (or other wood products like cabinets) can change color over time and exposure to light.

Oak, Maple and most common domestic species are actually relatively stable in terms of color change over time and exposure. They do change, but it is more subtle and in part due to the finish of the flooring changing not just the wood itself.

However, exotic species like Brazilian Cherry (aka Jatoba), Kempas, Tigerwood, Merbau, Brazilian Walnut (aka IPE), Angelim, Cumaru, Bloodwood and most other exotics will change SUBSTANTIALLY.

This change is primarily light driven. So the most exposure to light the darker your wood will go. This is the same for cabinets, floors, trim, doors or ANY kind of wood work.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a domestic species American Cherry is also a BIG color changer over time. It will be like night and day differences over just a couple months.

So when you move your furniture or your rugs or you have something on your cabinets for a long period of time and then it is moved, don’t be surprised to see the shape of the object still on the floor. With time and exposure to light the color typically normalizes.

This is something to know, but not a reason to fear an exotic wood. Just understand that your exotic hardwood will have a deeper and richer color over time.

Here is a quick example. This is about a typical 1-3 month aging cycle. Left side is lighter and that is what the sample started as and the right side is darker after exposure to light. Bear this in mind that occasionally as you see a sample that has been exposed to light for a long time and you receive your new flooring that appears lighter – there is a reason. 🙂

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