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Flooring For the Living Room is Changing

It was once the case that wall-to-wall carpet was the automatic choice for living room flooring, but that is no longer the case. In fact, it’s becoming more common to see most other types of floors in a living room, as consumers have grown tired of having to maintain carpet or keeping it looking new. Continue reading Flooring For the Living Room is Changing


Refinishing Flooring Checklist – Top 3 Things

Here is a Top 3 Things checklist of some basic things to consider when refinishing a hardwood floor:


1. Do I really need to sand the floor or is a recoat an option. A recoat is a less expensive, no sanding and faster option that is appropriate for many situations. Finding out if a recoat will give you that fresh feeling is an important first step.

2. Select your stain ahead of time, but have the crew sand and show you a larger sample as they begin the job (at least a 4’x4′ area) so that you can double check your own choice. Larger samples in the actual room are often very different than small swatches.


3. Onsite finishing is not like a factory finish. Be prepared that you may see some swirl marks under direct lighting from the buffer that is used between coats. Set reasonable expectations going in. Although Swedish Finish which basically means site finished can be a great process it is not like a factory sealed environment.


Engineered Hardwood – watch what happens to prices

Due to the recent government regulations (translation: incompetent beaurocrats fueled by self interested giant US based conglomerates-yes Warren Buffet, your company is involved) the anti-dumping and counterveiling duty for engineered hardwood flooring looks like it will make a large leap upward. Although the results are not yet final the speculation is a range of 50% duty to 237% duty added to the cost of imported engineered hardwood flooring that is made in china and imported in the USA.

The immediate impact is a large disruption of this particular flooring category’s supply chain – which represents about 40-50% of the engineered hardwood sold in America today. This will force prices higher during a shortage of supply assuming demand holds level. (of course customers may also decide to buy other products besides engineered woods as the supply shrinks and re-sellers are interested in maintaining revenue.)

The funny part: products imported from other countries like Vietnam, Brazil, Ukraine, Portugal, Malaysia and any country besides China are not subject to these new fees.

Therefore the net effect will only be disruption and probably a net cost increase overall, but not 50%-200%.

If you are planning on buying engineered hardwood anytime in the next 12 months now is the time to act before all of these disruptions get priced into the market. After about 12 months it will all settle down and should be a more realistic price level.

How to install an engineered hardwood floor

If you want to install a hardwood floor and are using an engineered flooring option this video can show you how to install a floating floor installation. This same method of installation can be used for bamboo, hardwood and other flooring that uses a flooring installation. Along the way there are challenges, finding the right material, traffic, weather and other real world headaches. Some times getting to the jobsite is not as simple as making a phone call.