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It’s A DIY Flooring Kind Of Season

Summertime is rapidly approaching and now is the time where homeowners are tackling various projects around the home, and new flooring is often on that list. So the question is, “what is the best diy flooring?”

It certainly depends on the situation. There are a lot of questions to ask, mainly where is the flooring going to be installed? Continue reading It’s A DIY Flooring Kind Of Season


Kitchen Floors

If you are like a lot of homeowners you spend a significant part of your day in the kitchen. I find myself usually opening and closing the refrigerator door 10 times per evening. I don’t even know what I am looking for most of the time. The point is that because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen as a people we should have appropriate floor covering for this special area. It is rumored that some actually cook in a kitchen; however, I can’t verify that as fact.

What can you use in a kitchen for your flooring? Well as usual there are a number of situational answers to this question, but I will be general in my response.

You can use hardwood, vinyl, cork, bamboo, laminate, tile, stone, linoleum and other resilient floors.

I hate carpet in a kitchen. Yes hate. Please don’t put carpet in your kitchen. For those laughing at the very notion of this, trust me, it happens. It shouldn’t happen, but it does.

Now you should know that while you can use hardwood and other wooden based products in a kitchen that doesn’t mean they are magically water proof. The general rule for kitchens is that if you get spills or splatters from one source or another go ahead and just wipe them up as they happen.

If you get a slow leak from a sink, dishwasher or ice maker line running to the refrigerator it’s time to call your insurance company. Even vinyl and tile can sustain significant damage related to prolonged exposure to moisture. The hidden moisture is the most dangerous.

The general common sense rules apply to a kitchen. If you have 5 kids, 8 dogs and partridge in a pear tree I suggest you look at tile, vinyl or laminate for your kitchen floor. (I double this recommendation if you are not the best at maintenance: you know who you are.)

Wood, Bamboo, Cork and wooden materials can be very durable in a kitchen especially with proper maintenance.

Ok – those are some basics! I hope it helps.