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Go Green – Save Green! Free or discounted shipping on select items.

You’ve probably noticed that everyone and their brother are going “green” these days, whether they sell washers or widgets. While we applaud them for their efforts, one could question whether or not it’s out of their love for the environment or because a changing consumer landscape made them more aware (that’s an argument for the talking heads to tackle, not me.)

The one thing I know is that one of my guiding principles (as I learned in the Boy Scouts) is to leave this earth how I found it (or better.) That’s why I personally travel around the glove to try and inspect each manufacturing facility to ensure that no unneeded chemicals are used in the process or that potentially toxic waste is being dumped into surrounding rivers and streams. We even help promote the idea that proper re-forestation practices are followed, that worker conditions are not substandard and to the extent possible that recyclable and reusable materials are used wherever possible. Bottom line, if you don’t pass my “smell” test, we will not buy or sell your products.

To try and bring a little more awareness to the huge strides made in “green” flooring, we’ll be offering Free Shipping on select Green Floors (60% off shipping on everything else.)

Why only green floors?

In a nutshell, I think they’re gorgeous and that you’ll love them. So much as that I’m willing to pay a little more so you can experience them. It definitely doesn’t cost me any less to ship Green Floors like Cork or Bamboo, but anything I can do to perpetuate their use, I will do. Heck, you can do your part to help save us all the emissions of unnecessary shipping by picking up at your local iFloor store on select items.

They aren’t for everyone, and that’s why we carry 3,000 different products and have a bigger selection than anyone. But if you’re in the market for flooring, you should definitely take a look at the “green” alternatives and I’ll try to give you the incentive to do just that. But whatever floor you do end up purchasing, you’re definitely in the right place!


New 2008 introduction

Another great 2008 introduction: Recycled Leather Flooring!!!

The diverse patterns and colors make this a really unique flooring option. I am even thinking of putting this in my office. It is cool! This floor is online and on display in most every iFLOOR store in the country now.

Robus Leather Floor Tiles are:

* A unique flooring that adds a touch of class to any space
* Environmentally friendly; made from recycled scrap leather
* Great for virtually any room in your home or workplace
* Affordable and durable
* Click for Robus Sealant Tech Sheet
* Click for Robus Adhesive Tech Sheet
* Click for Robus Adhesive MSDS
* Click for Robus Leather Floor Installation & Maintenance Instruction
* Click for Robus Return Policy