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Cork Pictures – Where does cork flooring come from?

Cork Tree
This cork tree has recently been harvested to product wine corks and cork flooring
Cork Tree for Wine corks and cork flooring being harvested
This cork tree us being harvested for wine corks and cork flooring without cutting it down. The bark is removed about every 9 years and the trees last for 150-200 years. That is green flooring!
cork flooring bark
This is the bark of cork flooring that is being taking to a cork factory. (today trucks are used, but in old times hand carts were used)
cork oak wine stoppers cork flooring
The wine stoppers have been punched from this cork oak bark. Now the remainder of the bark will be constructed into different post industrial usages including Cork Flooring. Cork Flooring is LEEDS capable because it is 90% post industrial waste.
Cork Flooring Raw material ready for slicing
This cork flooring has been cut and will be sliced to create a surface veneer for the top of premium grade cork flooring.

The funny thing about Europe

It’s always fun to goto Europe and explore different cultures. I love to see old buildings and think of the past.

One thing I found interesting on a trip this past year and something I have seen a number of times is that if there is something in your way you move it.

For example the narrow streets are often difficult to navigate with a tiny car let alone a bus. Below We captured a few shots of the bus driver and a couple passengers (and a driver from a car going the opposite way) all getting together and moving the car out of the way.

Good times.


Portugal Cork photo round up

I am traveling for the next 10 days roughly so I am adding some pictures from Portugal just to keep things interesting.

portugal cork flooring

This is a quick photo a of a map that shows the cork growing regions which are mostly all in the Mediterranean. This is authentic cork which produces cork wine stoppers, cork flooring, cork underlayment and bulletin boards and basically anything cork.

cork flooring

One of my favorite cork patterns. Basically when the veneer is sliced it has an appearance almost like wine stoppers. Makes for a very interesting flooring choice especially for a wine cellar.

sunset floor

Not alot of cork insight in this photo, but it was a beautiful evening on the beach in Portugal and as a wise man once told me, “Enjoy the journey…”

cork flooring2

This is a pallet of virgin cork bark. This first harvest from the tree is not usable for cork stoppers therefore would otherwise be waste. This first harvest is completed about 25 years after the tree was planted. The next harvest following the virgin harvest is done about 9 years after that and STILL is not suitable for cork stoppers. Therefore another harvest that is basically waste. Of course both of these harvests are well suited to other uses beside cork stoppers most notably cork flooring! Yeah. An interesting side note is that when the cork bark is harvested from the cork oak tree the tree is carefully treated to make sure it will live on. And then nature steps in and the bark begins to regenerate. The tree actually steps up its intake of Carbon Dioxide to give it enough strength to regenerate. This renewal cycle is so positive in so many ways!

flooring warehouse

This is a cool automated line that moves some future cork flooring into place on the production line. It is really neat to watch these things work.

flooring warehouse2

At first glance you may think that I am giving some insights about the production of cork, or asking an really in depth question about the intricacies of formaldehyde emissions or finish application, but no. I was asking where the bathroom was.