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Click Bamboo Fooring With A Twist

Bamboo flooring is now extremely popular and can be found in a ton of different styles and finishes. People all over the country are now installing bamboo floors on their own, and it’s never been easier to do.

First of all, you should always check it out on the internet, as that’s usually where you’ll find the best value. Having a floor shipped to your home is inexpensive and you still should save money on flooring. Continue reading Click Bamboo Fooring With A Twist


Strand Woven Bamboo Floors: Tough Stuff

Since entering the market, bamboo has made us think a little harder before making a decision on new flooring. This green flooring material is beautiful and harder than most hardwoods, and some types of bamboo floors are even up to three times harder. Continue reading Strand Woven Bamboo Floors: Tough Stuff

Strand Woven Bamboo

The growth of strand woven bamboo is very interesting, yet most of the general flooring shoppers are still unaware of this very interesting product.

Strand bamboo, sometimes called woven bamboo, or even strand woven bamboo is basically some bamboo that has been shredded and then compressed with a very tough resin to make a beautiful and extraordinarily tough flooring.

As I have talked about for years, the key is to be sure that strand is a low emission E1 or better from a formaldehyde perspective. That is critical for your family’s health or that of your client.

There are some really great styles that will be hitting the shores of the US in the next 60 days or so – which will make your new flooring that much more special. Some of the benefits will be:

1) Beautiful Design and Styling

2) Earth Friendly Bamboo

3) Excellent construction

4) Extraordinary Toughness

5) Pricing that will make you feel great!

Keep your eyes open for this exciting new introduction.

This is a picture of strand woven bamboo before compression. Look how think it is going in!
This is a picture of strand woven bamboo before compression. Look how think it is going in!

That bamboo after compression will only be 5/8″ thick! Now that is dense.

Strand Bamboo flooring installation – Teragren Bamboo

Here is a nice photo set from a great installation crew.

This is a strand bamboo flooring job and the brand of bamboo is from Teragren. This is a glue down installation with a 45 degree angle. You can also checkout the Teragren brand website.

As you can see installing on an angle REALLY is a luxury move and makes for an AWESOME upgrade. You should anticipate about 15% waste as a result of installation on the diagonal, but i think it is worth it.

So if you want a strand bamboo that is NOT packed with formaldehyde and you want a beautiful rich floor take a look at Teragren bamboo from iFLOOR.

For some reason I can’t embed the photos here directly so check them out at:

Teragren Bamboo Flooring Installation