You know I routinely see flooring companies (both online and offline) claiming to have products “in stock” or “we have 200,000 feet in stock”, but too often they really don’t have much stock at all.

At iFLOOR we operate our own warehouses over 23 nationwide and we use manufacturers warehouses at times as well to drop ship certain orders. Our suppliers that we use and trust operate at a 93%-94% + fill rate which is consistent with our own warehouse performance as well.

I am not saying we are infallible – there are 6-7% of orders that face some kind of backorder. (that could be 1 day to several weeks; or longer depending on the situation).

I must also say rugs are the worst fill rate. There are so many rug sizes, colors, etc… that they have a mid 80% range for fill rate. We stock only about 500 rugs in stock – but we do ship them quickly when orders come in.

My point is that iFLOOR actually has warehouses and people dedicated to packing and shipping your order quickly and securely. Our largest facility in Washington state is about 60,000 square feet and is filled with flooring stock! Our next largest facility is in Dalton, Georgia and is around 30,000 square feet and filled to the rafters with products!

Additionally we have 20+ other locations with inventory around the country. In our own warehouses we have more than 20 million dollars worth of inventory TODAY. Through our 3rd party suppliers there is another 200+ million in ready to ship inventory. We have more stuff. We stock more stuff – and unlike the guys who just talk about it we in fact can walk into the warehouse and touch it. That is a difference between making the claim and backing it up.

So when you see people claiming to have 100,000 feet in stock, but you can’t actually see it or touch it – then beware that message may be more about slick marketing than accurate claims.

So for the record as of Today we have 6,400,000 square feet IN OUR WAREHOUSES!

Below are some photos that demonstrate we are real and when we say we got it – we got it.

*The quick video stars one of our warehouse gurus’ SCOTT! – Now imagine 100-200 of these each day being loaded.

Construction Job Sites

I was talking to a builder friend of mine and we were thinking about all of the wierd situations that seem to arise on large scale production job sites with missing materials.

Often suppliers will deliver materials, get signatures from site personnel and leave the materials in the designed areas, but when it is time to install the materials sometimes they are MIA.

It is unfortunate that job site theft remains an issue, but as I have discussed this with many developers and contractors that I know, unless the materials can be secured we should expect continued losses.


I have had a couple customers recently ask about FloorMuffler as a underlayment option, however, i have not worked with that particular brand yet.

I have used and recommended a similair synthetic solution called The Sound 6 Barrier Acoustical Underlayment which has performed with awesome results including in condo situations. (even high rise developments in New York City (NYC) which have some of the most rigid standards.)

For folks who wish a more green underlayment i typically recommend the 6mm Cork Tiles.

Technically the synthetic is a bit more sound resistant for downward transmission, but I think the comfort of cork along with the earth friendly attributes can be a big reason to consider that.

Installation from an online company!

After more than 600 installs during our pilot program with some amazing reviews the iFLOOR installation program is now officially permanent.

We now are live in dozens of cities nationwide offer comprehensive installation services for contractors, homeowners and designers that need a turn key job.

The team running the installation program has done wonders and we are so thrilled with the results. Tad Amell is our project leader and he and I have worked together for nearly 15 years. Tad and his former partner did hundreds of jobs (maybe thousands?) for me at my prior store Midlakes Carpet and Interiors in Bellevue, Washington. They along with some of my other labor partners were at the top of class in terms of talent! The level of personal committment from the entire team is so impressive and I feel so confident that as we continue to expand our reach that we can meet our customers expectations.

Thus far we have successfully onboarded hardwood, laminate, cork and bamboo installations across the country with some further pilot programs in various parts of the USA being conducted.

Additionally the professional organizations that are executing each job are amazingly talented and VERY dedicated to quality results. I can’t believe some of the responses from customers which rate the installation success even above our 5 star grade. We have had several customers add 2 additional stars and one customer even added 5 additional stars!

iFLOOR is now licensed in California and some of the professional partners there are folks that we have known and done installation business with since the mid 90’s. It is nice to have such a great talent pool available!

More on this in the near future.

What is the most common finish used for laminate floors?

Laminate flooring is made up of a surface similar to that of countertops. However, the scratch and dent resistance is much higher on laminate floors than on laminate countertops.

Laminate floors wear well and many have more than 20-year warranties. It is a good low-maintenance option for an active household. Often the laminate flooring is referred to as a hardwood look with the maintenance of vinyl flooring. Families, homes with pets or other active situations can be ideal matches for laminate. Also rentals, basements, work shops and even light commercial usages are very common with laminate.

One tip – make sure you get a really nice flooring underlayment to help combat the “echo” effect that laminate can have as a result of it’s floating installation application.’s informative and educational articles have received industry-wide recognition. To see all of the articles currently available on floors, click on the link below: Articles

Formaldehyde – Not your friend

People need to have general understanding of Formaldehyde when buying flooring and what products are more prone to formaldehyde emissions.

Some things NATURALLY emit formaldehyde so you can’t automatically say just give me the stuff that is formaldehyde free.

However, you can make good decisions about which products are more likely to have higher levels of emissions.

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Tip ‘O the Day

Mondays are always busy for me, but my flooring tip for today is about floating floors.

I will go into more depth later on different flooring installation methods and their benefits and why each one exists, however for this brief tip I wanted to talk about floating floors.

The upside of floating floors is that you can install it over a number of different subfloor types including wood, concrete, gypecrete, radiant heat traditional or heat pads, vinyl, tile and more.

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