Flooring Ratings

flooring ratings Flooring is an expensive purchase and therefore having ways to compare not just price, but also quality and real world feedback from users and experts can make all the difference in your decision process.

We have started to see a very dramatic uptick in consumer interest in reviews which includes both consumer and expert perspectives and therefore will unveil a new round of BRAND WARS articles this fall covering the laminate, hardwood, bamboo, cork and vinyl categories.

The prior BRAND WARS articles have been read or shared more than 2 million times and have influenced more than a half a billion dollars worth of flooring purchases at the retail level.

Be sure to follow along at http://www.floordujour.com regularly to see the release of these new in depth ratings articles and flooring comparisons from real world users as well as expert lab studies. All due respect to consumer reports – we know flooring even better than they do and our in depth reviews go deeper and cover more ground than they can in their short magazine articles. So saddle up and get ready to compare flooring!