Cork Pictures – Where does cork flooring come from?

Cork Tree
This cork tree has recently been harvested to product wine corks and cork flooring
Cork Tree for Wine corks and cork flooring being harvested
This cork tree us being harvested for wine corks and cork flooring without cutting it down. The bark is removed about every 9 years and the trees last for 150-200 years. That is green flooring!
cork flooring bark
This is the bark of cork flooring that is being taking to a cork factory. (today trucks are used, but in old times hand carts were used)
cork oak wine stoppers cork flooring
The wine stoppers have been punched from this cork oak bark. Now the remainder of the bark will be constructed into different post industrial usages including Cork Flooring. Cork Flooring is LEEDS capable because it is 90% post industrial waste.
Cork Flooring Raw material ready for slicing
This cork flooring has been cut and will be sliced to create a surface veneer for the top of premium grade cork flooring.

Bamboo Poles & Panels

Most online shoppers haven’t seen bamboo poles and bamboo panels very often, but that’s exactly what a new Flooring and Furniture site called has.

The pole is kind of interesting to see, but for what? The answer – a decorative accent for the home or office with a green emphasis. This was the answer given by interior designers quizzed about the subject.

Real Bamboo Pole
What exactly would you use a bamboo pole for?


Bamboo Panels can be used for walls, counters, desks or any kind of custom furniture and are commonly used in commercial buildings.

Bamboo Panel
Bamboo Panels are common in custom furniture or commercial office walls.